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Kansas City Architecture

From The Center is a Moving Traget, a group exhibition at Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, Kemper at the Crossroads, Kansas City, MO. Curated by Erin Dziedzic.
September 4, 2016 through January 6, 2016. 
Photo credits: E.G. Schempf

Statement excerpts:

A Regional Framework
To consider this work within the frame of “regional influence” requires an acknowledgement of the many knots that are tied up between place and memory, on the one hand, and a language of form and structure on the other, where broad global sets of art historical reference and cultural influence have become interlaced with very local and personal grooves and patterns. These personal attachments are always present deep in the structure of my work, but they surface here as a specific response to a regionalist perspective.

This acknowledgment is in lieu of an explication, but there are a couple of specific issues that bear on my entanglement here. The first is a reference to my father, his small town legal practice, and his pragmatic, procedural perspective. The second is an allusion to the severe early afternoon light that permeates my earliest memories and signifies a fundamental melancholy distinct to the austere environments of both the rural and urban Midwest. These fragments, among many others form a pace and a sense of scale and transparency that remain essential to the work that I make.

The preparation for this exhibition coincided with a move to a new studio in the west bottoms in Kansas City, and for a variety of reasons these references have come to the surface.

Last fall, while driving home from Tulsa, I stopped at the Vernon County Courthouse to visit my life-long friend, Lynn, who was just finishing up a 16-year tenure as Prosecuting Attorney. Court was in session and I slipped into the back of the courtroom and watched. The ever-present framework of legal procedure was attached to the very personal issues of each defendant as they appeared for a variety of pre-trial motions or evaluations. The judgments being made were careful and precise.
The windows of the Missouri’s 28th Judicial Circuit Courtroom in Vernon County face east diffusing this light, offering sanctuary and enclosure. I realized that my father, acting as Prosecutor some 50+ years earlier, had occupied that very spot, making the same sort of procedural assessments, in that same light.
The work included in this installation is an attempt to form structure and experience that is resonant within the complex geometry that holds these references for me, while working in the present with a resistance to nostalgia.

A Site Specific Framework
The west facing windows on the Baltimore façade of the Kemper Crossroads space offer direct access to a quintessential Midwest urban condition defined by the quality of light and the ad-hoc spatial and functional relationships formed through layers of re-use in the surrounding building stock.
The building’s layout collaborates with the surrounding urban terrain to expose the interior to a direct late afternoon light, a condition that has been mitigated in several ways over time as the building has been reformed around new uses.
This work is also an attempt to compose form in a manner that utilizes this condition as its natural habitat.